Trenchless Pipelining Products & Equipment by Perma Liner

Sewer pipe repair doesn’t have to be a hassle. Call for no-dig solutions today!

Sewer pipe problems are stressful enough without disruptive digging. Stress less with Perma Liner trenchless pipelining solutions. Perma Liner is the leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe repair and replacement products and equipment in North America, and Capital Plumbing Contractors is proud to offer their range of systems.

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Trenchless Pipe Repair Specialist - Capital Plumbing Contractors

We know that plumbing pipe problems are a pain, throwing off your day-to-day life with their unpleasant side effects. That’s why we’re here to offer quality trenchless pipe rehabilitation services in Tallahassee, FL, with as little inconvenience as possible. In addition to our fast and accurate solutions, we provide:

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Prompt, friendly service
  • Lasting solutions
  • Total peace of mind
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24-hour emergency service

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Perma Liner Trenchless Pipe Repair: How it Works

When a Perma Liner pipe repair is being performed, our team begins by cleaning out the original pipe and taking measurements. A pull-in-place resin-coated felt liner is then fed through the pipe, effectively sealing off any holes or cracks in the pipe. Within a couple of days, the product should be completely set, an inspection will take place, and your pipes will be good as new. And here’s the best part — the Perma Liner process preserves your yard and flooring by eliminating the need to excavate to access the pipe.

Repair System Options

There are a number of Perma Liner options with varying specialties, each ideal for a specific range in pipe diameter. Wondering which product would work best for your problem pipe? The following can help you determine the right fit — and so can our team of experts!

  • Pull-in-Place: a versatile product that can start and stop anywhere in the line, and is designed for pipe diameters of 2-8 inches.
  • Perma-Patch: ideal for sealing cracks, holes, and separated joints, and designed for pipe diameters of 3-24 inches.
  • Perma-Main: repairs both the connection and the lateral service pipe reaching up to 600 feet long, and designed for pipe diameters of 8-24 inches.
  • Perma-Lateral: repairs both the connection and the lateral service pipe reaching up to 120 or 600 feet long (depending on your pipe diameter), and designed for pipe diameters of 2-8 inches.

If you suspect an issue with your sewer lines, don’t ignore it. Our expert sewer video inspection services will detect blockages, leaks, pipe damage, and more.

Is Perma Liner Right for You?

Several signs indicate that Perma Liner may be a good choice for your pipe repair needs. If you live in an older home, particularly one built before 1990, then your system may benefit from pipe relining services. If you’re experiencing backups in your fixtures, notice that wastewater is settling in your yard, or you’re struggling with standing water in your pipes, the problem could likely be resolved with Perma Liner’s trenchless pipelining solutions. The Perma Liner repair process is fast, non-invasive, cost-effective, and durable.

Enjoy less disruptions in your yard — and your routine — when you need sewer line services. Call Capital Plumbing Contractors at 850-576-8420 for trenchless pipe repair and replacement in Tallahassee, FL.