Which is the Best Choice Between a Tank & Tank-less Water Heater?

We are Often Asked... Which is Better?

Getting a water heater for your home can be a significant investment for your home especially if you will live with it for more than ten years. This is why you need to consider the durability, efficiency, and cost of a new unit when the time comes to replacing or upgrading your old unit. It is good to assess both tank storage and tank-less so you can see which one is the best fit for your needs. Below we lay out some specs of each, so don't let a cheap plumber in Tallahassee try to sell you a new unit you don’t need.


The tank-less water heater or on-demand units heats rapidly using high-powered burners and pass it via a heat exchanger directly delivering it to the shower or faucets without having to store it in a tank. This gets hot water to your bathroom or kitchen facet fast. Not need to wait for it. They are usually gas or electricity powered and have been found to be more efficient in terms of energy compared to gas-fired tank heaters by 22 percent.

Tank Storage Heaters

A tank storage heater is what you will find in most homes and it comprises of a 30-50 gallon capacity insulated tank that heats the water and stores it until it is required. A pipe delivers the heated water from the top of the tank to other sinks, bathrooms, and the kitchen etc. There are usually storage-tank heaters fueled by either electricity or natural gas. Those powered by natural gas use roughly 50% less energy, meaning they save money to operate compared to electric storage tank heaters. However, they do cost slightly more than the electric versions. Tank storage units have a pressure and temperature release valve that will open when the pressure or temperature exceeds the preset levels. In most cases, if you have a large family or a lot of output this waterheater will make you wait while it warms water.

Energy Requirements

Tank-less units do not have the time to heat gradually, as they need to heat up the water efficiently, fast, and immediately. The good thing is that they only heat on demand and when the heating depends on the demand required i.e. it will fire for an hour if you take a shower for an hour.

Energy Efficiency

Homes with tank-less heaters using 41 gallons or less daily have about 24-34% of added energy efficiency compared to tank heaters. For homes using more hot water on a daily basis, there could be an energy efficiency of an extra 8-14%. Conventional storage tank heaters will save money to buy compared to tank-less water heaters but the latter has more traditional models. This means you can get more use out of them (20+ years) as opposed to storage tank heaters, which can last a maximum of 15 years before destructing and possibly flooding the home. Making emergency plumbing a must. A tank-less heater is the best option for a replacement or upgrade at every hot water outlet. This is because you will achieve 27-50% energy savings and thus save money by setting up on-demand heaters at all heated water outlets in the home.

Take Away

Whether you are looking to replace or upgrade or you want to save money, you should essentially pick the unit that suits your budget, lifestyle, and water usage accordingly. Don't wait till you water heater is at the end of it's lifespan. There is nothing worst than waking up to take a warm shower and only cold water comes out of the shower head.

Capital Plumbing Contractors can help with your decision and installation on a future purchase of an amazing unit. We will get your water running hot again in Tallahassee, Florida. Give us a call, We Are One Call Away, From Saving The Day! (850) 576-8420

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