Remove Limescale Around Your Home With These Simple Tricks

Over time and excessive use, many home items such as toilets, tubs, and showers are likely to surrender to limescale, which is essentially an alkaline deposit. As a result of hard water, lime scale can build up and leave important areas of the house looking somewhat dirty. However, we have a fantastic tip for such a pesky problem - white vinegar. As a starting point, you can’t go wrong because it contains acetic acid and will therefore prevent future soap scum that is nearly impossible to remove.

You Will Require:

[if !supportLists] • White Vinegar

[if !supportLists] • Baking Soda

[if !supportLists] • [endif]Water Softener

[if !supportLists] • Paper Towel

[if !supportLists] • Rubber Band

[if !supportLists] • [endif]Lemon Juice

[if !supportLists] • [endif]Cream of Tartar

[if !supportLists] • Sponge

[if !supportLists] • Toilet Brush

[if !supportLists] • Borax

The Process:

For different areas of your home, you will require a different process so we are going to break this down into sections.

Aluminum Percolators:

For all things aluminum, you should be steering clear of bleach but you can start by filling with a container with water. Then, add a little cream of tartar before letting the appliance run through one cycle. When finished, rinse with hot water and you should notice a difference.


With a paper towel or maybe even a rag, soak with vinegar and start by wrapping it around the faucet. With a rubber band, secure the rag into place; note, a hair clip will work just as well. After letting it settle for over an hour, come back and wipe clean. Although this is the preferred method, you can also create a mixture using one part water for three parts of baking soda. After applying the paste-like substance, leave for over an hour before wiping clean.

Tubs and Sinks:

For this, there are two approaches you can take - one, spray either lemon juice or vinegar. Alternately, you could combine water and cream of tartar or baking soda for a paste. Either way, the substance should be left on the tub or sink for around half hour before scrubbing clean.


Using water softener and water, fill the reservoir and then run through two cycles (the second should be clear water). If you wanted to, you could even run it through a cycle on white vinegar. Aside from this, there is a third method that suggests using a denture-cleaning tablet with water and running it through.


When hard water leaves stains on shower doors and windows, white vinegar should remove this within seconds. If there is limescale on the glass, white wine can be great for solving this problem. Often, people will say that the liquid doesn’t stay on the window for long enough which is why it can be handy to soak the liquid into a paper towel first before then applying it to the surface. If the limescale resists all urges to remove itself, you could even use some tape to keep the paper towel in place and hold the moisture onto the offending area.


Let’s be honest, nobody likes to clean toilets but we have tips that will make it easier than ever before. Combining the borax and white vinegar, the toilet bowl should be drained before pouring in the solution. After being left for a couple of hours, use a toilet brush to scrub. For stubborn stains, add a little white vinegar; this can also be added to the toilet tank.


With these simple tips, you should now find it easy to remove limescale from those previously tough places. If you think that damage has been caused that cannot be helped by these tips, or if you have any questions contact Capital Plumbing Contractors for a friendly and professional assistance. We Are One Call Away, From Saving The Day! (850) 576-8420

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