Simple Ways to Avoid Breaking the Bank on Plumbing Repairs

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Any problem regarding your plumbing can cause headaches for companies & homeowners. Common issues include septic or sewer issues, clogs in your drainage, and leaks. Such problems can bring about mayhem in your home or office and take a significant amount form your budget while spoiling your day in the process. It is helpful to have a few simple plumbing tips under your belt in case of any plumbing emergency. This will let you avoid water damage to your home, reduce the plumber bills, and increase your water savings. Before contacting a plumber, check out these simple tips.

Deal With Small Issues Before They Escalate

It is easy to hold off on fixing a slow drain or a dripping faucet but neglecting such minor plumbing issues could be detrimental to your home in the long run. A simple fix may cost you a bit of money and some time, but it will keep you from spending more money later. Water damage is one of the worst words associated with plumbing so do yourself and your wallet a favor.

Know Where The Water Shut-Off Valve Is

A Distressed homeowners usually call a cheap Tallahassee plumber when a burst pipe flooded their yards or homes. You should know where the main shut-off valve for your water is & learn to use it before a problem arises. This could help you prevent a costly & turbulent experience.

Not Everything Goes Down The Toilet

Toilet paper is the only thing supposed to go down the toilet. Flushable items like cat litter, sanitary supplies, and wipes can lead to clogs and eventually costly repairs and clogs. Other objects like bleach, cigarette butts, and hair may seem harmless but they could ruin your pipes. We don’t want you to find us searching for the best Tallahassee in plumbers.

Strain The Drains

Hair and other debris may also seem inoffensive but in reality, they can clog your bath and sink drain up seriously. To save on a plumbing expenses place mesh screens in your drains. These drain screens catch any loose hairs and left overs such as bones or large objects not good for garbage disposals. Clean the strainers out weekly to avoid buildup and clogs.

Avoid Dumping Grease In Drains

This is another very important but simple plumbing tip that could save you a lot of money for repairs. Following up the grease with a mixture of hot water and dish soap cannot keep the grease from blocking the pipes. Put the cooking grease in sealable containers and wipe the pans and pots before you wash them. Pouring grease down the sink is one of the worst practices homeowners can do to their pipes and trash disposals. Tallahassee pipe repair companies get more calls during the holidays for this problem than any other. It is easier to throw it in the trash and save yourself the headache later.

Pouring Water Down Any Unused Drains

Unused drains in basement floors, spare bathrooms and the like can begin to smell if they do not get much use. Pour baking soda and vinegar into these drains and rinse with hot water after every few months. This will keep the drain system cleaned and in working order.

Do It Yourself

There are plenty of simple plumbing tips you can do yourself thanks to the multitudes of DIY tutorials and videos online. These tutorials can help you conduct straightforward installation and repairs helping you with water savings and much more. By borrowing some of the tools required, you can save further on plumbing repairs. If a task is too hard or more damage is done please give your local service plumber a call.

Snake The Drains

Professionals are aware of how much damage drain cleaners can cause to your pipes and how they end up failing most of the time. An auger is a better option, as it will snake blockages out of your drain. You can also buy a drain snake. You will be the cheapest Tallahassee plumber doing it this way. Your drains will love you!

If you are unable to handle the problem, it is imperative that you contact a plumber in Tallahassee so they can deal with it professionally. We offer residential and commercial services throughout Leon County. Give Capital Plumbing Contractors a call day or night at (850) 576-8420 to get you back in tip-top shape!

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