6 Stellar Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Give Your Bathroom The Love It Deserves!

Are you thinking about updating or conducting a bathroom renovation? We all can think of ways to make our restrooms more appealing and comfortable. Say no more because we will give you tips on renovating your bathroom. We believe bathrooms are one of the most under appreciated rooms in our daily lives. With the right direction, they can add value and a selling point when you get ready to move. You can also read about "How To Add Value To Your Bath". We are sure you will gain some insight from both of these blog postings.

1. Create A Plan Before You Begin To Remodel

Making a bathroom upgrade without spending too much is not easy an easy task. We recommend working with seasoned professionals including a local architect, designer or interior decorator. They will assist you with your design vision, budget, and timeline. At first, it might seem expensive to include the expertise of a local architect, designer or interior decorator but it will help you prevent expensive errors in the end. This should be the first plan of action and will set the tempo to include a local plumber.

2. Maintain The Position Of Your Current Plumbing

Using the already installed plumbing will cut down on many costs while remodeling. Unless the budget is where we advise against any major changes. It costs an estimated six thousand dollars to shift any plumbing systems including the sink, bathtub or toilet. It will also add more time onto any bathroom renovation, so we don’t recommend unless it is necessary. Surface elements are what we see, a bathroom tub or a faucet, but the costly expenses lie underneath the surface. For example, a toilet may be very hard to move. They need two things: a constant supply of fresh water and drainage system. When thinking about this subject call your local plumbing professional to help guide and facilitate you in the right direction.

3. Lighting & Mirrors Make A Bathroom Amazing

Don't underestimate the importance of lighting or a mirror in a bathroom. Lighting at the vanity sink is a great way to get even lighting on your body and face. Installing lights at eye level will help diminish shadows and brighten everything in front of the mirror. Mirrors will make a small bathroom seem larger than it really is. Dimmers on the lighting switches will change the mood for a relaxing bath; bright lights are great for shaving or applying makeup. Let’s not forget natural lighting like tempered skylights or skylight tubes which install into the existing ventilation tubes. Adding more precise lighting or a large mirror can make a bathroom into an upgraded, beautiful, lighted space.

4. Keep The Environment In Mind

Going “green” is not a buzzword anymore and helping keep the environment clean is very important to us at Capital Plumbing Contractors. Green appliances are not only good for the environment; it’s also good for you and your bank account. Green products have stylish, modern plumbing designs and tend to function better. They lower utility bills, and for the most part are produced chemical-free. Having an eco-friendly approach to a bathroom remodel isn’t about buying new products, but doing something “green” can be as simple as refinishing a cabinet instead of tossing it in a landfill. We would also like you to consider refinishing existing items including bathtub, shower, sink or tile. Refinishing these items may only cost as little as 10% of the cost of replacement. Also, note your bathroom will be in working order quickly and you'll avoid the big renovation mess.

5. Repurposed Furniture Vanity

Unique vintage and antique pieces go a long way in remodeling vanities and can add so much beauty. In addition to this, they are cost-effective and time-saving with a simple refinish of paint, sealer, and new handles. Use these furniture pieces to hide the plumbing and add a sink bowl and faucet. Most furniture pieces can be found at estate sales and antique shops.

6. Tile Alternatives

Tiling an entire room is expensive. Some people feel the need to tile the entire bathroom from floor to ceiling. Why? This will definitely milk out your accounts and leave very little for the important items. There are numerous tile alternatives, including ceramalite for the shower. Ceramalite is then coated with polymer and is made to look like traditional tiling. We are also seeing reclaimed wood panels being used on the walls. Salvaged barn wood seems quite expensive but it is not. Search for it at flea markets, antique shops, auctions and even resellers. Most people overlook the benefits of wood because of its high maintenance nature. However, take note wood will aid in warming up the bathroom. This will prove to be beneficial if you live in a colder hemisphere. Lastly, rubber leather combines the look of leather with easy clean up with soap and water. This alternative to bathroom tiles can be purchased in rolls to fit your bathroom floor. They are cost effective and this update on the bathroom flooring will save you major dollars.

Before & After

Here are a few before and after photos. Keep in mind small details matter: wall color, tile work and lighting can transform a dull and dainty bath into a wonderland of color and light. Your bathroom can be your getaway from a stressful day at work or a powder room for guests to use before a night on the town. You don't have to have a million dollars to complete a bathroom remodel, just a plan of action and some hard work.

Final Words

These are just a few tips you can use in order to help you with your bathroom renovation or update. To get even more ideas, contact us today and let’s share some ideas. We want to send you in the right direction so why not ask a local plumber for his tips in person! See what others in Tallahassee, Florida are talking about and Capital Plumbing Contractors call today at (850) 576-8420

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