Burst Pipe Repair Services in Tallahassee

When a pipe bursts at your residence, you need to act fast to limit the damage to your home. Call us for burst pipe repairs in Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden, Franklin, and Wakulla Counties.

A burst pipe can quickly become a major plumbing emergency. When water floods your home, it can leave behind extensive - and costly damage. To try to limit the repairs, it’s important to call for professional help as soon as possible. For burst pipe repairs in Tallahassee, FL, call Capital Plumbing Contractors. A family-owned company, we do not charge overtime rates for appointments during normal business hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Get professional help quickly when a plumbing emergency strikes your Tallahassee house. Contact us to learn about our 24-hour emergency services.

Why a Burst Pipe is Considered a Plumbing Emergency

A burst pipe can lead to a sudden, unexpected plumbing emergency. While the damage might initially seem moderate as only a small amount of water might first appear, it can soon turn into a large plumbing emergency with hundreds of gallons of water flooding your property. This can cause water damage to your walls, flooring, insulation, and even the electrical wiring. The moisture can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can impact your indoor air quality.

Potential Causes of Burst Pipes

To try to avoid a burst pipe at your house, it’s important to know some of the potential causes so you can take the appropriate precautions. These can include:

  • Freezing temperatures: When the temperature falls too low the water inside of the pipes can freeze, and then expand until the pipe eventually bursts.
  • Major clogs: Large blockages can cause water pressure to build up.
  • Aging pipes: Corrosion and cracks can happen to pipes as they age.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots can infiltrate your pipes.
  • Shift: A shift in the earth can cause pipes to burst.
  • Construction: Projects can cause damage to your pipes.

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How To Avoid Burst Pipes

While burst pipes can cause extensive damage to your property, fortunately, there are ways to avoid these. Follow these tips to protect your property:

  • Insulate the pipes during the winter months or use a heat wrap.
  • When temperatures dip, run a trickle of cold water in your sink to promote a constant flow in the pipes.
  • Call a professional at the first signs of reduced water pressure.
  • Look for leaks inside your property.
  • Have your pipes inspected by a professional.
  • Have aging pipes replaced by an expert.
  • Schedule regular, professional drain cleaning services.

When a pipe bursts at your property, get help ASAP and call Capital Plumbing Contractors at 850-576-8420. We provide 24-hour emergency services to the Tallahassee, FL area.