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Winter Is The Worst Time To Be Without A Water Heater

Warning Signs of a Malfunctioning Water Heater

Cold showers in the middle of winter are nothing to sneeze at. A nonfunctional water heater is second only to the home heating system failing for inconvenience. It can be easy to avoid this issue if one pays attention to the signs that the heater may be exhibiting. Like most other appliances, it will show signs of needing to be repaired or replaced before it completely stops working. This article will detail some of those indicators.

Inconsistency in Temperaturetemperature

The main thrust behind the water heater is consistent hot water at a moment's notice. If there doesn't seem to be as much hot water as there used to be or the temper seems to fluctuate, this can indicate several possible issues with the hot water tank and the other pieces of the water heater. Some of the problems that have symptoms involving temperature are listed below:

One can easily fix some of these problems with a little maintenance; others require professional water heater repair or replacement.

Water Heater Leaksleaks

A leak in the hot water tank can be detrimental to more than just a hot shower. Leaks can cause water damage and corrosion issues, not to mention the electrical problems resulting from water exposure. There are several different types of leaks that can happen with a water tank. They will be expanded upon in the list below:

  • Tank Leaks: If the tank has become cracked or corrosion has eaten through it, then the tank is going to leak, and it will probably be a significant leak. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for a cracked or corroded tank, and the entire water heater will likely need to be replaced.
  • Pipe or Connection Leaks: Perhaps the leak is coming from the ingoing and outgoing water lines connected to the tank. The connections may simply need tightening or may need to be re-taped. This is a fairly simple fix for water heater technicians. 
  • PRV Leaks: The pressure release valve may malfunction, and water may leak from it. If only this part is the problem, it can be easily replaced.

The Factors of Age and Use

Sometimes a water heater has just worked as long as it possibly can. A water heater that is ten years old or more may need to be replaced, or parts for it may be impossible to find or very expensive to purchase. The normal wear and tear to any appliance will also affect a water heater. Hard water can cause problems, and even if a household upgrades to a tankless water heater, it will need maintenance and attention from a professional. 

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