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When Is It Time to Replace an Old Water Heater?

The Right Time for Water Heater Replacement 

The water heater is one of the most important pieces of home hardware as it gets used daily for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. No water heater lasts forever. As the system ages, it will need repairs more and more frequently. 

Replacing worn-out parts and keeping up with maintenance can help to improve the longevity of the water heater, but at a certain point, the water heater will have to be replaced no matter what. 

The Water Heater Is Over 10 Years Old 

Most water heaters start to break down after around 10 years. This number can vary depending on the type of system. Electric water heaters, gas water heaters, and tankless water heaters are different from traditional heaters and have varying life expectancies.

Traditional gas water heaters last between 8 to 10 years on average. Electric water heaters tend to offer much longer performance, with a life expectancy ranging between 10 and 15 years. 

Tankless water heater installation is becoming more and more popular. Part of their appeal is that they can last 20 years, twice as long as traditional water heaters. They are also more energy-efficient. 

Water Heater Leaks water heater

When the water heater is leaking, this is a bad sign. When a leak is noticed, sometimes it is too late to save the water heater, and water heater replacement is the only option. The source of the leak will determine how serious the problem is and whether or not one can repair it. If the water heater tank has rusted and is leaking water, the system needs a whole new tank. 

To prevent water heater leaks, homeowners should stay on top of a maintenance schedule for water heater service. It is best to have water heater service performed by a qualified professional technician because the high temperatures within the system can be a hazard. Cleaning the sediment out of the tank from mineral deposits will prevent corrosion. 

A leaking water heater is also a hazard because it can cause water damage and mold growth around the heater. Replacing or fixing a leaking water heater right away is essential to protecting the home's safety. 

plumber The Water Heater Fails to Heat the Water 

When it comes time to replace or install a new water heater, homeowners should take care to entrust the work to an experienced water heater installer. An improperly fitted water tank can cause the water heater to refuse to heat any water at all. When a water tank is improperly sized, this can be a huge problem for multiple reasons. Carbon monoxide leaks can occur as a result of an improper size. 

Sometimes the heating element of a water heater may break. It may be possible to replace the heating element if it is not repairable. Still, it is usually more cost-effective to just go ahead and replace the whole unit if the heating element is broken. The heating element is the most important part of the water heater, so the machine is no good if it does not work. 

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