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Local Plumbers Can Help With Water Conservation Earth Day Goals!

How Professional Plumbing Services Help Make a Greener Home.

In 1970, the first official Earth Day was celebrated in the United States. It was a direct response to the Santa Barbara Oil Spill, which killed thousands of sea animals and damaged more than 800-square miles of ocean. Since then, saving the Earth and its bounty of nature has become a constant motivating factor in environmental law and movements. Homeowners can do their small part to help protect the Earth and its resources, and they can start by taking a look at their plumbing.

The average American home wastes 180 gallons of water a week, and 9,400 gallons of water a year. That’s a whole lot of water sent wasted down the drain. And while the Earth’s water will renew itself over time, it’s reliant on a cycle of precipitation, evaporation, and condensation that doesn’t obey human supply and demand needs.

So, if homeowners are looking to be greener at home, their water usage is a good place to start. 

Protect Against Water Waste With Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing inspections are step number one on the Eco-Friendly plumbing list. While many homeowners may want to jump headfirst into retrofitting old pipes or installing new sinks to save water, every project should start the same way: with a professional plumbing inspection. 

During a plumbing inspection, an expert plumber will examine anywhere the water runs in the home. This includes hidden pipes, outdoor drains, and any faucets or water-using appliances like the dishwasher. These inspections give the plumber an understanding of the home’s plumbing structure and condition. More importantly, this inspection will give the plumber a chance to find any possible damages or weaknesses that need addressing to make the home more eco-friendly.

Detect and Correct Water Waste With Leak Detection and Repairleak

Step number two on the list is the detection and correction of any leaks that spring up in the home’s plumbing. Often, these leaks are found during a home’s plumbing inspection. However, if homeowners have had an inspection recently but have noticed that their water bill has skyrocketed over the past few months, they should have a plumber come out to look for any hidden leaks. 

Leaks spell trouble for any home trying to be more eco-friendly. Not only do they damage a home’s structures by allowing mold to thrive, eroding wood, or causing flooding, they also put a serious strain on the water demands of a home. Hidden leaks can add an extra hundred dollars or more to the water bill, and of the 9,400 gallons of water the average American home wastes a year, most of the waste comes from hidden leaks. 


Save Water and Reduce Waste with Toilet Repairs and Replacement

Step number three on the list is taking a look at the bathroom. If homeowners are looking for ways to save water without going overboard on revamping a home’s plumbing, an economical and fast solution is toilet repairs and replacements. A leaking toilet is a nuisance, what with having to wipe off the water all the time and worrying about the bathroom floors. Depending on the cause, a reliable plumber can sometimes patch the toilet or replace a part (like a gasket or seal) to stop the leaking in its tracks.

Keep in mind that repairing a toilet isn’t as eco-friendly as one might think. Aside from hidden leaks, the home’s toilet is usually the main water guzzler in the plumbing system. Any toilet older than 20 years uses more than 3 gallons of water a flush and typically averages at about 7! Modern low-flow toilets need only about 1.5-2 gallons per flush, and they function just as well as older models. Installing a high-efficiency model can help homeowners save hundreds of dollars in water bills and drastically reduce the water used in the bathroom. 

Three simple steps can help homeowners turn their home into a water-friendly, eco-friendly house with the help of a local plumber.

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