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Tips To Keep Leaky Pipes at Bay

Prevent a Disaster by Recognizing Leaky Pipe Signs

Homeowners have enough to deal with, so leaky pipes aren’t something they should want to add to the list. Nothing’s worse than waking up in the middle of the night only to step in a puddle of water in the bathroom. There are plenty of ways that homeowners can prevent leaky pipes. 

In this article, plumbing experts share information on common water leak causes and what homeowners can do to prevent them in the first place. 

Water Leak Indicators

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways homeowners can identify water leaks. Sometimes, it’s a surprise when something catastrophic happens, but subtle indicators can appear most of the time. 

Some common issues to look for include:

  • Rising Utility Costs: If a homeowner notices that their water bill is higher than normal, this is an indicator that there’s a leak somewhere since the home is using more water than expected from the leaks. 
  • Mold: Another indicator is visible mold, mildew, and musty smelling rooms. If there is mold or mildew around the tub area, there could be a leaky pipe. If baseboards, ceilings, and floors in the bathroom and kitchen are moldy, this isn’t normal unless there’s a pipe leaking. 
  • Odors: If there’s no visible issue, but the musty smell is there, this is an indicator that there’s moisture in the home, but it’s not visible yet. 
  • Water Marks: Wet spots are another huge indicator of leaky pipes. If homeowners find wet spots on or around the lawn, this is an indicator of a leaky pipe. Spots inside the home are also a possibility. 

The Dangers of Leaky Pipes

A small leak may not seem like an emergency, but it is. No matter how big or small, homeowners should take leaks seriously. This is why they should call a plumber if a leaky pipe is noticed. 

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A small drip over time can impact the structural integrity of the home. Water that leaks on the floor cause structural damage and will be costly to replace. If a small leak is noticed, contact a plumber right away to have it repaired. 

One of the more serious issues is water contamination. Harmful contaminants can enter drinking water through pipes that are leaking. If just one section of pipe is damaged, water that surrounds the pipe can get pulled into it and contaminate the water that goes to the faucets. Untreated water can contain pesticides, herbicides, paint, animal waste, and motor oil. 

Another issue that comes from leaky pipes is safety. If there’s a pipe leaking around an electrical system, it could cause a fire in the home. Additionally, water inside walls attracts critters who chew on wires, which is another fire hazard. 

Let the Professionals Handle It


Plumbers are highly trained professionals who have various techniques for finding hidden leaks before they expose themselves. Plumbers have leak detection equipment that can accurately and swiftly expose hidden leaks under concrete, behind walls, and more. They may also use an acoustic amplifier that exposes leaks through sound. 

Additionally, they use video inspection and cameras to find leaks. The video can pinpoint the exact location and source of the leak. The tool has a camera and light mounted onto a fiber optic cable. It snakes its way through the pipes and sends images to the plumber. 

Once a leak is detected, the plumber will get to work. They will give the homeowner an estimate and fix it in their best manner. It could be replacing pipes, patching holes, or changing faucets. 

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