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Take Summer Drinks to a New Level!

The Many Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter 

Tallassee, Florida, is known for its college football teams and is the state’s capital. However, it’s not known for its great drinking water. That’s because most of the state’s water comes from the Floridan Aquifer, an underground limestone formation. It’s treated with chlorine to combat germs and waterborne viruses––making a glass of water taste like a swimming pool

Homeowners in the city don’t have to worry about relying on bottled water for everything. Instead, they can save money, time, and energy by installing a water filtration system. These appliances filter out contaminants from the water and allow users to: 

Enjoy Better-Tasting Beverages 

waterMany water filtration systems rely on reverse osmosis. Water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane without getting too technical to remove contaminants. 

Water’s in everything. When it doesn’t taste right by itself, it won’t taste right when it’s mixed in with: 

  • Tea 
  • Coffee 
  • Mixed drinks 
  • Ice 
  • Lemonade 
  • Soup 

Making drinks with clean, fresh water can make even the most basic recipes feel like gourmet meals. Installing a whole-home water filtration system can go a long way. 

Reap Health Benefits 

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drinking water to stay hydrated is not enough. The water must have the proper vitamins and minerals to promote overall health. By installing a water filter and only enjoying filtered water, one could benefit from the following: 

  • Clearer skin. A water filter doesn’t just filter water from the kitchen sink; it also improves the water needed to bathe. With time, one could experience less acne, clearer skin, and a brighter complexion. 
  • Fewer infections. The body is constantly flushing out germs that can cause illnesses. By staying hydrated, the body becomes more efficient at combating disease and staying healthy. 
  • Better mobility. The body needs water to lubricate joints, muscles, and bones. Someone dehydrated (or doesn’t drink clean water) could have problems remaining active. 

By drinking filtered water, one could even lose weight. That’s because they can reap the benefits of zero-calorie water rather than relying on sugary drinks or diet soda. 

Save Money on Bottled Water 

saveThere’s no getting around it: inflation’s on the rise, increasing the cost of bottled water. On average, a 20-pack of water costs about $5. At first glance, this may not seem like much. Yet, if a homeowner solely relies on bottled water for cooking, cleaning, and other daily tasks, they could spend hundreds. 

In addition to saving money on bottled water, a whole-home water filter can save money on the following: 

  • Disposable water filters. Some homeowners rely on Brita filters to get clean water. However, these filters cost money and need replacing. 
  • Sodas and other beverages. When filtered water is the home’s number one beverage, homeowners won’t feel tempted to spend money on soda or other beverages. 
  • Medical expenses. As noted, drinking filtered water can decrease the risk of infection and, subsequently, the cost of visiting the doctor. 

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