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The Key Ingredient In Refreshing Summer Drinks: Filtered Water!

Three Reasons To Install a Home Water Filter This Summer

There’s nothing like kicking back on a hot, muggy day and cooling off with a nice, cold drink - homemade iced tea, lemonade, a fancy cocktail, or even just a big glass of water. But how many people consider what might be in the tap water they used to make those drinks and the ice that’s floating in them?

Most residential tap water is generally considered safe to drink, but it may contain impurities even after being processed and treated by the local water supplier. Some of these may give the water a strange flavor, but others can cause skin irritation and pose serious health risks, especially prolonged exposure. This article will outline three ways a water filter can help minimize these risks and ensure the home’s water is clean, safe, and delicious.

Drinks and Food Will Taste Betterfilter

Not everyone realizes just what good, clean water tastes like. Anyone who’s been drinking from the tap for months or years has probably gotten used to the way their home’s water tastes. It’s only when they drink filtered water that they notice the difference. That difference comes from the absence of calcium, iron, chlorine, and other impurities commonly found in tap water.

Removing these impurities with a water filter returns water to its original glory, restores its pH balance, and makes it taste the way water should. Homeowners will notice the difference immediately, not just in the water itself but also in their coffee, lemonade, cocktails, and even any foods cooked in water. The natural flavors of every ingredient will finally be able to shine!

Get Rid of Dangerous Chemical Pollutants

More important than improving flavor is protecting everyone in the household from the dangers of chemical contaminants. Things like disinfectants, solvents, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, and pesticides can wind up in a home’s water supply due to industrial discharge or agricultural runoff. 

Ingestion of (or even contact with) these chemicals can lead to serious illness or long-term health repercussions. A quality, under-sink water filter will protect the water used for drinking and cooking. A whole-home water filtration system is even better, as it can remove these contaminants not just from the drinking water but also from the water used to bathe, do laundry, water the garden, etc.

drinking water

Pure Water Is the Best Detox

Everyone gets exposed to pollutants and toxins, to some degree, every day. Whether it’s from water, processed foods, or air pollution, it’s unavoidable. Fortunately, the human body is pretty adept at filtering and removing these toxins via the digestive system. And the more clean water it has, the better the body can perform this vital function. That’s why many health professionals recommend drinking about 8 pints of water per day for men or 6 pints for women.

But if all that water is unfiltered and loaded with pollutants, it’s only going to make matters worse. Filtered - or better yet, purified - water will provide the hydration and lubrication the body needs without adding to its pollutant workload. Of course, not all filters can purify the water but only capture a particular range of contaminants. When searching for the right water filtration system, it’s always best to consult with a professional.

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