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New Year Means New Plumbing Fixtures!

Ring In the New Year By Upgrading the Home’s Plumbing Fixtures!

For many homeowners, the start of the new year is a time for tackling all those home improvement projects that got put on hold over the holidays. That to-do list will look different for everyone. Still, for most homeowners, it probably includes replacing at least one plumbing fixture - a faucet, sink, toilet, showerhead, or even a whole bathroom. 

Of course, with the wide range of options on the market, shopping for new fixtures can be overwhelming, no matter how big or small the project is. So to help homeowners make a more informed decision, this article will explore some of the latest trends, styles, and handy features in the world of plumbing!

Update the Kitchen Sink

kitchenWhen upgrading fixtures, there’s no better place to start than the kitchen sink. One of the most popular trends today is the addition of touchless faucets. These feature motion sensors that allow homeowners to turn the water on and off with the wave of a hand. This feature can not only help conserve water but also reduce the spread of germs and keep the faucet clean from soap scum and water spots.

A new kitchen faucet can make a world of difference in food prep and cleanup, but some may want to go a step further and upgrade the kitchen sink itself. Workstation sinks are a popular option; these feature large basins with accessories like colanders, drying racks, and cutting boards that can fit inside the sink to maximize space. Fireclay and bamboo apron sinks are also trending, thanks to their durability and rustic aesthetics.

Remodel the Bathroom

bathroomThere are also plenty of opportunities for fixture upgrades in the bathroom. Smart toilets are becoming increasingly popular for their convenient features, like heated seats, automatic flushing, and built-in night lights. Touchless bathroom faucets and sleek vessel sinks can give any bathroom a modern touch without going all-out on a whole bathroom remodel.

Freestanding bathtubs have been the dominant trend for the last few years - and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Asymmetrical tub designs and flat-bottom soaking tubs are great for a modern look, while clawfoot tubs lend a more traditional feel. Adding a digital smart shower interface, rainfall showerhead, or dual showerheads can make for a luxurious and relaxing experience for those who favor showers.

Always Hire a Pro!

Whether planning a whole bathroom remodel or just replacing one or two fixtures around the house, homeowners should hire a professional plumber rather than try to tackle it themselves. It may seem like the DIY route will save money, but it often costs more due to installation errors, buying the wrong parts, and acquiring the right tools for the job.

DIY plumbing installation or bathroom remodeling also takes much longer than expected, especially for those without experience in such projects. But most importantly, plumbing work can be dangerous. Professional plumbers not only have the training and experience to perform the work safely and according to code, but they also have the proper insurance to cover the cost of any injuries or property damage that may occur. For these reasons, it’s always best to leave those New Year’s plumbing upgrades to the pros!

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