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New Plumbing Installation For the New Year

Start the Year Off By Updating Your Plumbing Fixtures!

Homeowners who have been considering updating their plumbing fixtures should take the start of the new year as an opportunity to do so. The holiday gift-giving season is gone, so why not start the year off right by giving the house the gift of a plumbing upgrade? 

People use plumbing fixtures every day for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. New plumbing is a gift that keeps on giving as updated fixtures improve the home's value for years to come. 


Upgrading the Sink to a Smart Faucet

Upgrading the kitchen sink will surely get the year off to a positive start. A new kitchen faucet installation can make it easier to get the dishes done. Making just one chore a little easier can improve the quality of life for homeowners by giving them more time to focus on other things. 

Smart faucets use motion detectors to automatically turn the flow of water on and off. Not only does this save a little bit of time, but it also helps to prevent the spread of germs. Touchless faucets with motion sensors make it so that nobody touches the faucet with dirty hands to turn it on. 

Total kitchen sink replacement could also help make the kitchen more functional or stylish. For example, a deeper sink could make filling large pots with water easier, and a double basin sink installation could make it easier to use the sink for more than one thing at once. People who love to cook will love having an upgraded kitchen sink. 

Remodeling the Bathroom Plumbing bathroom

The new year is a great time to think about bathroom remodeling. Modern bathroom fixtures are more efficient and technologically advanced than ever before. A shower or bath is the perfect way to relax before or after a long day, and a new shower installation is sure to improve the quality of life for the homeowner in the coming year. This year, new bathtub installation is a bathroom remodeling trend as people look for more ways to kick back and relax at home. 

In addition to style and comfort, remodeling the bathroom plumbing can make the room more eco-friendly and cost-effective in 2022. Modern bathroom fixtures use less energy and produce fewer carbon emissions. 

Homeowners can shop from an array of smart toilets and smart showers to install in their modern bathrooms. This year, toilet replacement and shower upgrades offer next-level convenience and energy savings for homeowners. 

Hiring a Professional Plumbing Remodeler

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, homeowners usually spend more time and money in the long run if they try to DIY the project themselves. By incorrectly installing the bathroom fixtures, the homeowner may be setting themselves up for failure. 

Professional remodelers go through years of training to become certified at what they do. In addition to obtaining a license for working on plumbing, they also must have business insurance that protects both them and the homeowner in case of an accident. The plumbing company's business insurance will cover property damage or personal injury resulting from the remodel if it accidentally occurs. 

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