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Learn the Warning Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Water Leak Detection

Homeowners should be aware of the dangers of hidden water leaks and know what the warning signs are. The most obvious signs of a water leak that homeowners can be on the lookout for include visible water damage or mold and mildew present in the home. Warning signs of a water leak should not be ignored, as the problem will only continue to worsen over time. 

This blog post discusses some of the less obvious warning signs of a water leak that some homeowners may not be aware of. Hidden water leaks are especially dangerous for homeowners because they can go undetected for a long time. Knowing the warning signs can help homeowners to prevent extensive property damage, mold growth, and wasting money on high water bills. 

Sound of Running Water 

One of the warning signs of a hidden water leak is constant hissing or running water sounds in the home, even when the plumbing is not being used. When plumbing fixtures such as the toilet, sink, or bath are used it is normal to hear the sound of water inside the walls as water flows to the fixture and drains out. However, if these kinds of noises are always present even when the plumbing is not in use that is a sign of a leak. 

Listening to the sound of running water is an effective way for homeowners to determine if there is a leak in the home. Professional plumbers also use sound to locate the source of the leak in the plumbing. Leak detection devices can pick up even the slightest sound of water running.

Reduced Water Pressurewater

Low water pressure can be caused by a pipe leak or a leaking plumbing fixture. When the water leaks out of the pipe before it reaches its final destination, the water pressure from the tap is often reduced. This can be a slight reduction of water pressure, or it could be significant depending on the location and severity of the water leak.

Sometimes the leak can be from the fixture itself. For example, shower heads and sink faucets often have issues with leaks around the base of the fixture. When water leaks out of the base of the showerhead where it connects to the wall, the pressure of the water coming from the actual showerhead will be lesser. 


Increased Utility Bills 

Homeowners may notice that they suddenly have higher water bills due to a hidden water leak. Any leaking plumbing fixture in the home is a waste of money and should be fixed immediately. Not only do water leaks cost homeowners money on their water bills, but the water damage to the home can be extensive and pricey to repair. 

Leaving a water leak in a state of disrepair is like sending money down the drain. Each drop of unused water that leaks into the home or the soil around the home damages the property and takes money away from the homeowners that could go towards more important things. High water bills for no obvious reason are a sign of a hidden leak that homeowners should not ignore if they want to protect their homes and wallets.


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