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It's Not a Ghost - It's a Water Heater That Needs Repair!

Determining the Haunting Sounds of a Water Heater In Need of Repair

Strange sounds abound in homes. Some are spooky, while others are downright frightening. And when the spirit of Halloween is in the air, it’s no surprise that some homeowners hear sounds, like those coming from a malfunctioning water heater, and immediately think of ghosts and ghouls. Luckily, there’s no need to call ghost hunters or an exorcist. If the water heater is making noise, it’s much better to call a plumber to deal with the issue. But some sounds that come from the water heater are normal. It’s important to know the difference between normal ones and ones that mean it’s time for water heater repair. 

Hissing and Screeching

Two worrisome sounds coming from a water heater are hissing and screeching. Hissing is often a sign that there’s a leak somewhere. If there’s a leaking sound with the presence of water puddled around the unit, it’s certainly a leak. Stop it by turning off the water to the unit or the home, depending on where the leak is. 

A screeching sound is usually caused by lots of pressurized water flowing through a small hole. In most cases, if the hissing is persistent and coming from the water heater, it’s caused by a faulty valve that isn’t opening all the way when it’s supposed to. The valve may need to be replaced to remedy the issue. 

Crackling, Rumbling, or Poppingtank

Crackling, rumbling, and popping are all words describing the same basic sounds that a water heater tank can cause. This is caused by hot water and a buildup of sediment in the water heater tank. As sediment builds up inside the tank (there’s no avoiding this), it can cause this sound as heater water makes its way through the layers of sediment, resulting in a popping or crackling noise.

Sometimes, if a large piece of sediment breaks off and swirls around inside the tank, it can cause a rumbling sound. To fix this, the water heater needs to be flushed to clear the sediment. 

Ticking or Hummingvalves

Ticking and humming are the last noises on the list, and they’re also some of the most common issues. Ticking is usually caused by the heat checks, check valves, or simply the water heater cooling. Ticking is not usually something that homeowners need to worry about. Humming coming from inside the water heater usually means that the heating element is loose and needs to be refastened or fixed. 

All of the issues above can be addressed by a professional plumber. Regular water heater maintenance is essential for a properly functioning unit and can help prevent the issues above. Homeowners that call a professional plumbing company when they hear strange sounds coming from their water heater can often prevent more costly water heater repairs or replacements in the future.   

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