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How to Fix Poor Shower Pressure

Tired of Low Shower Water Pressure? Read This! 

The first step to fixing low shower water pressure is understanding why the water pressure is low in the first place. Professional plumbers go through years of rigorous training to learn how bathroom plumbing works. In this blog post, a team of expert plumbers gives a brief overview of how to shower plumbing works, why water pressure may be low, and how to fix it. Increasing the showerhead's water pressure can drastically improve the shower's performance for a heightened bathing experience. 

Brief Overview of Bathroom Plumbing

Shower plumbing is connected through water pipes hidden in the walls, ceiling, floor, and cabinets. When there is a problem with one area of the plumbing system, it can also affect the others. A clogged toilet can also impact the performance of the shower and the sink if they are all connected. Clogged drains can often be the cause of poor water pressure. 

A new showerhead with low water pressure could indicate improper installation. Trusting new plumbing installation to a professional plumbing contractor can benefit the homeowner in the long run by guaranteeing the optimal performance of the plumbing appliances. When the showerhead itself can be ruled out as the source of the low pressure, it indicates a problem with the bathroom plumbing elsewhere in the system. 

There Could Be a Hidden Leakleak

Most bathroom plumbing is hidden away from view, which means that some leaks could go undetected. Any leak in the main water line could be why water pressure is low from the shower or bathroom faucet. Homeowners should check for leaks that one could hide in less obvious places. 

One way to check for a hidden water leak is to listen carefully. Sometimes it is possible to hear the slow drip of water through the walls. Moisture detectors can also be used to find the source of a leak without tearing up floorboards to expose the pipes. During a plumbing system maintenance appointment, the technician will also have a chance to check for hidden leaks. 

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Dirty Showerhead

Another step that homeowners should take towards resolving a problem with low water pressure in the shower is to inspect the showerhead for signs of scale buildup. Mineral deposits from hard water cause scale buildup. All water contains natural minerals that are usually beneficial, but an excess can cause sediment to deposit in the plumbing system. 

When the scale builds up over the showerhead, it can create a film of mineral deposits that the water passes through. This buildup can be unsanitary, generate a foul smell, and reduce water pressure. Cleaning the showerhead with a descaler or a mix of vinegar and baking soda can fix the problem temporarily, but to prevent mineral deposits from occurring again, homeowners may need to invest in a water softener to reduce the minerals in the water. 

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