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Holiday Visitors Are Coming! Make Sure the Home Is Ready!

Thanksgiving Won’t Work If the Bathroom Is Out of Commission 

Thanksgiving is a holiday notorious for having a house full of loved ones and great food. That means the kitchen plumbing and bathroom plumbing have to be properly maintained and ready for the party! A Thanksgiving without a working sink or efficient toilet simply won’t work! Homeowners should call bathroom contractors and plumbing professionals to have any toilet replacement or sink replacement done well before the holiday arrives! 

Below are a few important things for homeowners to remember to have done before Thanksgiving arrives! 

Here Are a Few Signs the Toilet Is Failing toilet

There comes a time and day in every household when the toilet starts to fail. It is a dreaded day for every homeowner, but even the toilets that are cared for with regular maintenance and cleanings still have a life expectancy. When this day comes, homeowners should act fast to have the toilet replaced. 

A failing toilet can cause all sorts of problems with the plumbing system if it isn’t replaced promptly. Some of the signs of a failing toilet are: 

  • Even after professional clog removal, the toilet experiences frequent clogging
  • It doesn’t flush all the way
  • There are cracks in the tank or other parts of the toilet
  • The homeowner repairs the toilet often
  • Built-up deposits surrounding the toilet
  • The toilet isn’t as sturdy as it used to be

If the toilet shows any of these signs around this time of year, homeowners should get it looked at right away before the holidays start! 

Prepare and Protect the Kitchen Plumbing!plumber

Kitchen plumbing is just as important as toilet plumbing during the holidays. During the holidays, the homeowner should have checked a list of things to ensure the kitchen plumbing is ready to handle the added hours and demands of preparing food for a family of people! 

Here are a few things to consider checking: 

  • Have the garbage disposal maintained and cleaned 
  • The kitchen sink plumbing should be cleaned and checked for clogs
  • Checking the gas lines to all of the appliances
  • Having freon levels checked in the refrigerator 
  • The plumbing lines that go to the dishwasher should also be checked 


Impress Out-of-Town Guests With Upgraded Fixtures 

Depending on the age of some of the appliances, homeowners might also consider upgrading fixtures before the holiday parties begin. The first thing homeowners should have done is an overall maintenance check of the plumbing system and all appliances. The professional will give the homeowner suggestions on any upgrades that might need to happen before the holidays. 

Upgrading things like kitchen and bathroom sinks, faucets, and even the shower could spruce up the home and impress those out-of-town guests! 

Capital Plumbing Contractors Has the Answers! 

Tallahassee, FL homeowners feel safer knowing the experts at Capital Plumbing Contractors are there to help. This plumbing company offers 24-hour emergency services to make their customers feel that much safer! Their top-rated, expert plumbers can handle any plumbing problem thrown their way! Call today to get the bathroom plumbing ready for Thanksgiving!