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Creative Ideas for Mom on Mother's Day

Easy Upgrades To Make Mom’s Bathroom as Relaxing as a Spa

Mother’s Day is a special day set aside to help people tell their mom’s how much they appreciate them. There are many ways to do this, like buying flowers or getting her a relaxing spa treatment. But what if she could relax in her personal spa every day? A creative idea for Mother’s Day that can be truly unique and thoughtful is to upgrade her private spaces. With quick and straightforward upgrades, one can transform their spaces into a haven where mom will remember how much she is appreciated every day. 

These recommendations from local Tallahassee plumbers can help inspire creativity. By making just a couple of changes, homeowners can give their moms a place of tranquility on their special day and every day after. 

New Showerheadshower

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to encourage relaxation and transform a space is to upgrade the showerhead. Over time, showerheads can become clogged with scale and mineral buildup that prevents good water pressure. Replacing the showerhead can restore lost water pressure. Additionally, picking a premium showerhead with rainfall or massage settings can add a new dimension to an old habit. 

Swapping out a showerhead is something that the average homeowner can do with minimal DIY experience. They should remember to apply thread tape, so leaks don’t form where the showerhead and pipe meet. Also, they should be sure not to overtighten the showerhead as that could crack the plastic. As always, when in doubt, call for professional help. A plumber is just a phone call away for those who don’t feel comfortable replacing their showerheads. 

Simple Upgrades

A bathroom is a great place to invest money into and a great place to spruce up with a few cheaper updates. Not everything has to be a total renovation. When it comes to updating the bathroom, look to the small stuff like: 

  • Installing a new sink
  • Replacing old faucets
  • Retiling the floor
  • Putting in a new bathtub or shower fixtures
  • Changing out towel racks and accent pieces

None of these projects are particularly invasive, and they can all be completed quickly and without breaking the bank. But, each project packs a huge decorating punch that can transform the bathroom on a budget. 

New, Relaxing Lightinglights

Lighting has come a long way in a few short years. With the invention and perfection of LED technology, the number of options for updating lighting is nearly limitless. Lighting is a small thing that can drastically transform how a room feels. Think about the difference in lighting between places like a restaurant and a grocery store. What if one swapped the styles of lighting? With some creativity, homeowners can take advantage of mood lighting at all different levels of intensity and color in their bathrooms. 

How drastically would a bathroom feel, or how relaxing could a bath be if the lighting were different? Updating the lighting in mom’s bathroom for Mother’s Day may be just the thing she needs. 

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