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A Guide to Dealing with Slab Leaks

All Homeowners Need to Know About Slab Leaks

Plumbing problems can be one of the most stressful things a homeowner has to deal with. There is no fun plumbing problem, whether dealing with leaky faucets or overflowing toilets. Slab leaks may be the worst of all of the plumbing problems that can crop up. They can waste money by wasting water, but they can also cause damage when they form. Additionally, repairing slab leaks can be an invasive process. 

Dealing with a slab leak can be stressful but not dealing with one is worse. Here is a quick guide from local slab leak specialists to help homeowners understand how and why to deal with slab leaks. 

What Is a “Slab Leak?”slableak

Most modern homes are built with the latest building trends and technologies. This includes building homes on top of monolithic pieces of concrete that are reinforced and poured to make a stable foundation for a home. During the construction process, utilities like plumbing are poured into the slab. In most cases, being poured into a giant concrete slab protects the piping. However, in cases where good installation practices aren’t followed, problems can develop in the piping in and under the slab.

When plumbing problems happen under or within the slab, they are referred to as “slab leaks.” The phrase is used as an umbrella term because the method of dealing with slab leaks differs from regular leaks. Because of the different methods of dealing with slab leaks, not all plumbers will work on them. 

What Problems Can a Slab Leak Cause?

All leaks have the potential to cause problems around the home. Modern building materials are only designed to be installed in low-humidity, climate-controlled environments. When these conditions aren’t met, problems will result. 

When leaks occur, the excess moisture has to go somewhere, and it will usually go in several directions. First, the excess moisture will saturate the soil near it, causing hydraulic pressure on the soil that supports the foundation. If left untreated, the leak could get bad enough that foundation problems are the result. 

Secondly, excess moisture can wick upwards along the pipes that penetrate the slab and through the concrete of the slab. This creates a high-moisture spot in the concrete that can cause problems like:

plumber How Do Slab Leak Detection Services Deal with Slab Leaks? 

Once a homeowner suspects a slab leak has formed, they need professional help quickly. A licensed plumber is the first person to call. Plumbers use a variety of techniques to locate slab leaks, including state-of-the-art equipment that can pinpoint leaks exactly. Once the leak is located, the plumber will have to remove the slab so they can access the leak. 

This involves jackhammering the concrete and digging into the soil around the pipe. After the pipe is exposed, one can repair the leak. Finally, new concrete is placed in the hole, and everything can go back to normal. A professional slab leak repair service can usually fix slab leaks within a few days. Under no circumstances are slab leaks DIY projects. 


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