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A Basic Guide to a Plumbing Contractor's Toolkit

What Does It Mean When They Say “Fully Stocked Trucks?”

Quite a few plumbing tools are used for specific purposes on a plumbing repair job. This is one reason homeowners should always hire a plumber when an issue arises. They have the correct tools and the training to use them correctly. The paragraphs below will discuss some of the less commonly known tools.

Traditional Tools of the Trade

toolsMost of the hand tools that plumbers use are familiar to anyone who has done any sort of physical labor. Most people are familiar with plumbing and adjustable wrenches, but some may not recognize basin wrenches. These long-handled wrenches reach beneath a sink basin and tighten the drain pipe connections. Another of the tools that are commonly used by plumbers but may not be recognized by the general public is a pipe cutter. These often look like some wrench with a small rotary blade that will cut the pipe precisely. These tools are some of the traditional ones in the plumbing technician’s tool bag.

Equipment to Keep Workers and Customers Safe

The next area where plumbing contractors need to be prepared is safety. Worker protection is the best way to keep the customer safe as well. Like any job involving physical labor, even the clothing wor can be a part of safety or a hazard. Heavy-duty work pants are best for protecting legs from scrapes and scratches. Loose-fitting clothing can become caught, so a worker should wear something that fits correctly. Some other pieces of safety equipment include:

  • Hard Hat
  • Gloves
  • Goggles or another form of eye protection
  • Face Masks
  • Steel-Toed Boots

Plumbing Tools that are More Specialized

toolsThere are several tools in the category of specialized plumbing tools. The average person is more than likely familiar with them, but they may not know exactly what they do. Some of these are included in the list below.

  • Plumbing Snake or Drain Snake: Also called a pipe auger, this tool has a rotating head attached to a length of flexible tubing that allows it to move through the pipes to break up deep clogs. It attacks the clog directly, whereas chemical drain openers can cause collateral damage to the pipes.
  • Hydro Jet: Hydro jetting is a technique that uses a silicone balloon with a nozzle at the end. This is sent into the pipes and attached to a water source. The balloon then fills up the pipe, closing it off, and water is then propelled down the pipe at high pressure to break up clogs and, in general, clean the pipes.
  • Sewer Inspection Camera: Unlike doctors, sewer cameras allow a plumber to see what is going on inside the pipes without destroying them or pieces of the property. The drain camera is highly valued for finding slab leaks.

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