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3 Out-of-the-Box Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Let Dad relax on Father’s Day. 

Dads work hard. On Father’s Day, families take a day to thank the guy who works hard to bring home the bacon, keep the cars running and prevent the house from falling apart. A new coffee mug and a T-shirt may not be enough! Surely he deserves a thoughtful gift on Father’s Day. 

While many families pick out tools and lawn equipment as Father’s Day gifts, families should take that line of reasoning one step further to come up with truly original assistance. What could make his jobs around the home even easier? 

For great Father’s Day gifts, start with some plumbing upgrades around the home. Here are some ideas from local plumbers that can help dad get something for Father’s Day that he can enjoy all year long. 


Get Him a New Showerhead

The first creative idea for dad on Father’s Day is how he relaxes and resets after a day of getting dirty. Whether dad works in a climate-controlled office or he’s out in the heat all day, taking a shower is a great way to de-stress, clean up and relax. So, a new showerhead is a great idea for a Father’s Day gift. 

Old showerheads waste money with inefficient water usage. How can dad relax if he knows he’s pouring money right down the drain?! A new low-flow showerhead can provide the water pressure he needs to get clean without draining the bank account. For extra relaxation, a rain showerhead can help him save money while he takes his time getting cleaned up. 

Plumbing Upgrade Ideas 

The second recommendation concerns how dads clean up after mowing the lawn or getting dirty. Dads can track a lot of dirt and grease into the house after doing their chores or working on a hobby. Isn’t the whole family happier when he can wash all that off before bringing it inside?

If he doesn’t already have one, a garage sink or a special sink in a mudroom can give him a place to wash up before he drags germs and grime inside with him. This is a great place to start giving him a space to clean up when he’s dirty. To make his sink easier to use, a touchless faucet can reduce water usage and keep his area cleaner.  

Stop That Leaky Faucet faucet

The third creative idea is all about letting dad relax. Society expects dads to keep the home in good working order. This means he can be constantly busy with minor plumbing repairs like cleaning out drains or fixing a leaky faucet. Wouldn’t he enjoy some help ticking a few things off the list of repairs he has around the house?

He is hiring a plumber the week before Father’s Day can make his day genuinely relaxing. Instead of spending Sunday trying to catch up with small repairs and preparing for the week ahead, he can take some time to relax and enjoy his labors. Fixing leaks will also save him money on the water bills, so it's a gift that keeps giving. 

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